Zaboor and Geet is a project we felt was well needed for all Christians. We are a not for profit site, hoping to give you the opportunity to sing praises to the Lord any place with these resources at your disposal.

Our story begins in 2019, when we began to digitalize Urdu/Roman Urdu hymns for our congregation in order present them on our projector for the whole congregation to see.  This inspired us to share this with all Christians worldwide.

As we researched further, we found there was little on the web which provided all Zaboor and Geet of “Sialkot Convention Geet Ki Kitab” at one page on a single click. Therefore, our goal is to fulfill this need by providing these hymns for all to use and at no cost, giving all the opportunity to get these verses any place and venerate the Lord.

Day in and day out we do our best to bring you more Geet and Zaboors, giving you access through your own Internet-empowered gadget.

We pray this endeavour brings all of our abundant blessings. Please continue to keep us in your prayers.


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